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PS820 Contemporary Swarovski Pave Crystal Kangaroo and Joey...$42.00
Contemporary Swarovski Pave Crystal Kangaroo and Joey. This is so beautiful! Pave' Crystals scattered on body and neck and tail. Green Crystal Eyes for both Mother and Joey. Black enameled noses. The pin measures 2" x 1-7/8". Swan stamp. Never worn.
PS830 Price: $42.00

PS660 Swarovski Pave Crystal & Enamel Butterfly Pin...$73.00
Swarovski Pave Crystal & Enamel Butterfly Pin. This is late 1980's to early 1990's. This is marked with the Swan Logo on the back. Swirls of enamel amongst sparkling pave set crystal rhinestones in a goldtone setting. There are two tiny cabs - one green for the head and blue for the body. This is in mint condition and a truly stunning piece.
PS660 Price: $73.00

PU538 Vintage 1960's Floral Domed Cut Faceted Blue AB Crystal Crown Brooch...$52
Vintage 1960's Rivoli Floral Domed Cut Faceted Blue AB Crystal Crown Brooch. Wow, nice find for a crown collector! Lovely floral cut blue irridescent rhinestones that are domed in the center and set with a prong set rhinestone head pin set into a silvertone setting. 5 prong set rhinestones are at the bottom of the crown. Measures 1-1/2" x 1-1/4". Very good condition.
PU538 Price: $52.00

PU500 1950's Goldtone AB Crystal and AB Rhinestone Pin...$15.00
1950's Goldtone AB Crystal and AB Rhinestone Pin. This unique pin has a cluster of faceted round aurora borealis crystal glass beads in center. The top has prong set round aurora borealis rhinestones. Pin measures 1-7/8" x 1-5/8". I just noticed the safety part of the catch is missing which reflects in the price. It's still wearable. This little locking piece can be easily fixed but I don't have the time! Otherwise, this is in excellent condition.
PU500 Price: $15.00

- SETS -

S510 Vintage Clear Faceted Crystal Gold Bezeled Flower Pin and Earrings...$52
Vintage Clear Faceted Crystal Gold Bezeled Flower Pin and Earrings. Ok, I'm not bragging... this is a STUNNING set! I hate to part with it. Each stone is edged in a prong gold setting and the flower itself is very dimensional. This set really sparkles! The flower has 4 round faceted crystals set on their sides forming the center which is raised about 3/4". Hard to describe. 6 round faceted crystals surround this center with a gold stem with two leaves of crystal. This pin measures 2-1/2" x 1-3/8". The earrings are clipbacks and measure 7/8" in diameter. the set is in very good condition. The only flaw would be the center rhinestones in each of the earrings is not as sparkling as the crystals!
S510 Price: $52.00

S448 Vintage 6 Strand Black, Gold and Fuscia Glass Seed Bead Necklace and Pierced Post Earring Set...$15.00
Vintage 6 Strand Black, Gold and Fuscia Glass Seed Bead Necklace and Pierced Post Earring Set. Two strands of black glass beads, two strands of silver lined gold glass beads and two strand of silver lined fuscia glass beads. Goldtone findings. The choker measures 18". The pierced post earrings measure 7/8" in diameter. Excellent condition.

S443 1950s AB finished iridescent Crystal Choker and Clip Back Earrings...$64.00
1950's Aurora Borealis finished iridescent Crystal Choker and Clip Back Earrings. In the style of Vendome there are clusters of three crystal rivoli disks with gold filled spacers in between and various sized crystals throughout. The earrings are beautiful with the Rivoli disks in layers and three regular round crystals on the top layer. This set throws off a rainbow of various colors! The findings are goldtone. The earrings measure 1-1/8" in diameter. The choker measures adjustable to 18". Great for your upcoming holiday evening wear! choker is in very good condition...a few crystals show some wear but only upon close inspection. The earrings are in excellent condition with the exception of one tiny flea bite on one of the disks...someone probably dropped it!



NU757 1960s Tear Shaped AB Crystal Pendant...$7.00
1960s Tear Shaped AB Crystal Pendant. Most likely a Woolworth's item. The silver chain measures 16" and the crystal 7/8" x 3/8". Excellent condition.
NU757 Price: $7.00

NU710 Vintage 60s White Glass Bead Necklace measuring 60 inches...$37
Vintage 60's White Glass Bead Necklace measuring 60". Silver Filigree Clasp. Twisted designed to the glass beads each measuring 7mm x 5mm. Very good condition.
NU710 Price: $37.00

NU686 Vintage Milk Glass 48 Inch Necklace...$16.00
Vintage Milk Glass Seed Bead Necklace. These could be from the 1920's or from the 1950's. The length is more of the 20's. There are small round white milk glass beads and tiny seed beads that measure 48". Excellent condition.
NU686 Price: $16.00

NU596 1920's Handknotted Red Glass Bead Necklace...$46.00
1920's Handknotted Red Glass Bead Necklace measuring 65" long! During the flapper era, long beads were the fad. These oval shaped beads are handknotted on dark red cord and the beads are a cherry color red. Very good condition.
NU596 Price: $46.00

NU573 Vintage Green Glass Bead & Brass Choker...$28.00
Vintage Green Glass Bead & Brass Choker. This is quite unusual. It seems the beads are white glass with a green pearlized paint over them - they are not round but more free form. There are chips in the paint here and there which is why I see the white glass base. There are lovely brass beads caps and brass spacer beads - and this is strung on chain. I'm guessing these are 40's or 50's - I do not know for sure. Very good condition. Measures 16-3/4" long. The largest center bead is 3/4" in diameter. Very good condition.
NU573 Price: $28.00

NU543 Vintage Strand of Faux Pearls and Art Glass Beads...$37.00
Vintage Strand of Faux Pearls and Art Glass Beads. The glass beads on this strand are so beautiful - each different in color, size and shape. In between these Art Glass beads are Faux Pearls, goldtone beads and goldtone spacers. The only wear is shown on the larger goldtone beads. The strand measures 29". Very good condition.
NU543 Price: $34.00

NU527 1950s Black Faceted Crystal Necklace...$16.00
1950s Black Faceted Crystal Necklace. Silvertone barrel screw clasp. These need restringing! (Price reflects the need). The crystals are about 5mm. Normal wear - a flea bite here or there. Very good condition. See Monica Williams for your restringing needs! Measures 44" long!
NU527 Price: $16.00

NU521 Reverse Carved Rose Glass Pendant...$16.00
Reverse Carved Rose Glass Pendant. This is a lovely reverse carved Rose that has that frosted look. The edges are cut in a beautiful design - This is 1/4" thick. Measures 1-1/8" in diameter. Silvertone chain measures 18". I have no idea as to when this was made. Excellent condition - like NEW.
NU521 Price: $16.00

NU372 11 Strand Pink Seed Bead Necklace...$20.00
11 strands of shades of pink and clear seed beads measuring 17-1/2. Tulip caps with a safety catch fastener. Excellent condition.
NU372 Price: $20.00

NU358 Vintage Mustard Colored 4 Strand Glass Bead Necklace...$28.00
Vintage 4 Strand Necklace comprised of small faceted mustard colored beads. Measures 28-1/2". Filigree brass caps on each end with a goldtone safety catch. Excellent condition. Not sure of age.
NU358 Price: $28.00

NU293 Multistrand Lavender Pink Seed Bead Necklace...$24.00
Multi-strand various sized Seed Bead necklace... (8 strands) of lovely pearlized pink/lavender seed beads of various sizes measuring about 23". Excellent condition.
NU293 Price: $24.00

NU217 Art Glass Period Aventurine Beads...$64.00
Art Glass deco period beads. Each bead is actually two beads. The inner beads with the goldtone flecks are enclosed in clear glass outer beads. The beads also have Art Glass spacers in the shape of a disk. Seed beads in between with brass caps. These are incredibly beautiful and measure to 16-3/4". Excellent condition. A wonderful collectible. Collectible Costume Jewelry by Henzel has these priced at $300!
NU217 Price: $100.00

NU178 Czech 1920's Glass Beads...$42.00
1920's Czech pressed Glass Beads in yellow and soft green measuring 15". The clasp is original to the piece. It is a push in silvertone thin tube clasp. There are a few slivers/chips in the larger light green beads but you need to use a loupe to see them. Very good condition.
NU178 Price: $34.00



EU391 1980's Aurora Borealis Crystal Ball Clip On Earrings... $20
1980's Aurora Borealis Crystal Ball Clip On Earrings. These are so cool! Looking head on you see purples and greens, etc. but when you look at the side of each earring you see a clear ball with silver foil base. These hang down 5/8". The balls measures 9 mm. Goldtone clip on finding. Very good condition.
Item Added 12/25/12EU3901 Price: $20.00

Vintage 1950's AB Crystal Waterfall Clip On Earrings...$28
Vintage 1950's AB Crystal Waterfall Clip On Earrings. Stunning! Multi-faceted AB Crystals laid out in a waterfall design. Silvertone setting. Measures 1" long. Very good condition.
Item Added 12/25/12EU390 Price: $28.00

EU387 Vintage  Italian Venetian Glass Wedding Cake Clip Back Earrings...$24
Vintage Italian Venetian Glass Wedding Cake Clip Back Earrings. These are Venetian Fiorato (fiore means flower) domed white glass cabs that have little pink rosebuds, blue flowers with yellow and sparkling gold aventurine swirls. These are striking! Silver metal clip backs. Measures 7/8 in diameter. Very good condition and so very pretty!

EU332 1960s Watermelon Rivoli Crystal Screwback Earrings...$28.00
1960's Watermelon Rivoli Crystal Screwback Earrings. These are STUNNING! Green scalloped edges and purple in the center. These measure 5/8" in diameter. Silvertone screwback findings. Excellent condition.
EU332 Price: $28.00

EU321 Vintage Crystal Pierced Post Earrings...$6.00
Vintage Crystal Pierced Post Earrings. Amber colored crystals are separated by two clear rhinestone rondelle's. There is a goldtone ball at the post. The chain is between the post and the crystals and these measure 1-1/2" long. Very good condition.
EU321 Price: $6.00

EU310 Vintage Vitrail Austrian Crystal Clip Back Earrings...$28.00
Vintage Vitrail Austrian Crystal Clip Back Earrings. The colors are hard to describe. Olivine Vitrail - these remind me of carnival glass. There are faceted crystals and about 10 crystal disks around the edges. Silvertone clip back. Measure 1" in diameter. Excellent condition. c 1960s.
EU310 Price: $28.00

EU302 Vintage 50's Light Green Crackled Glass Screwback Earrings...$16.00
Vintage 50's Light Green Crackled Glass Screwback Earrings. The screwbacks are brass and the crackled glass marbles are glued on. On one of the earrings you can see some of the clue on the glass. However, it's toward the back when worn and not noticeable. The marbles are about 1/2" in diameter. These are very pretty - the settings just need a polishing. Very good condition.
EU302 Price: $16.00

EU258 Gold Flecked Venetian Glass Bead SB Ears...$20.00
Vintage Venetian Glass Screwback Earrings. The screwbacks are silvertone and marked Japan. The button style glass beads are amber in color and have aventurine (golden flecks) in them. They measure 11/16" in diameter and 7/16" thick. Excellent condition.
EU258 Price: $20.00

ES186 Alice Caviness Black AB Crystal CB Earrings...$28.00
Striking Alice Caviness Black Aurora Borealis Crystal Clipback earrings. Cone shaped Crystals on all four side with bands of tiny white faceted crystals set in. Japanned filigree setting. Excellent condition. Measure 1-1/4" in diameter. Scan does not depict the earrings well. Here's a view of the back.
ES186 Price: $28.00

EU205 Black Crystal and Goldtone CB Earrings...$16.00
Vintage Black Faceted, Marquis shaped Crystal Clipback Earrings. These are quality earrings with three faceted, marquis shaped stones pronged set in with a strand of goldtone in a ribbon design going down the middle. These measure 1" x 1/2" and are in excellent condition. Look to be 50's, early 60's.
EU205 Price: $16.00

EU204 Blue Glass Moonstone Clip Back Silvertone Earrins...$15.00
Vintage Blue Glass Moonstone Earrings set in an open backed silver tone clip back setting. The front of the setting is tiny beading and the back has an engraved type design. Oval in shape, these measure 1-1/8" x 7/8". Excellent condition. Shows no wear.. though they look to be 40's in style.
EU204 Price: $15.00

ES108 Pearlcraft CB Yellow Glass & Crystal Earrings...$16.00
Pearlcraft Yellow Molded Glass & Crystal Clip back Floral Earrings. These are in excellent condition and measure 1" in diameter. Brass headpins hold in place the yellow crystals set into the center of these molded yellow flowers. Beautiful....
ES108 Price: $16.00 accepts Credit Cards!

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