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I am a lover of Art. I fell in love with the jewelry from Russia because most of what I've seen truly is "Art to Wear". Below you will find among vintage items hand painted brooches of various scenes. These are Mother of Pearl based are handpainted, signed and in some cases they are dated. Though these are not all VINTAGE, I've decided to offer them to you based on the sheer sense and belief that these works of art are a wonderful investment... these ARE tomorrow's treasures to be worn and loved today.

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NU398 Russian traditional silver and inlay glass pendant...$42.00
Russian traditional silver and inlay glass pendant. There is a triangle shaped piece of red foil backed? glass set into the silver with goldwash setting. There are dangles of hammered pieces. A red cabochon is set in to the top. Measures 2-1/2" x 1-1/4". Small silver of the glass is missing...chipped but it's not all that noticeable. No chain. Other than the chip, excellent condition to the rest of the piece.
PU398 Price: $42.00 accepts Credit Cards!

PS982 Russian Laquer Papier-Mache Backwards Horseman Pin...$15
Russian Laquer Papier-Mache Backwards Horseman Clown? Pin. The word Heyokha refers to a concept of a contrarian, jester, satirist or sacred clown. Heyókha are thought of as being backwards-forwards, upside-down, or contrary in nature. This spirit is often manifest by doing things backwards or unconventionally—riding a horse backwards, wearing clothes inside-out, etc. This pin is of a rider riding the horse backwards. The pin measures 2" in diameter and is in excellent condition. Signed along the bottom in gold.
PS982 Price: SOLD

PU751 Vintage Russian Lacquered Wood Handpainted Pin...$16.00
Vintage Troika Russian lacquer miniature painting on papier-mache. It is handpainted Pin. A troika (Russian: "triplet" or "trio") is a traditional Russian harness driving combination, using three horses abreast, usually pulling a sleigh but not always. Troika has become a cultural icon of Russia. The pin is signed in two places. MCTPEA? B.C.? Not sure. Very good condition. Measures 2-1/4" x 1-1/2".
PU751 Price: $16.00

PU739 Vintage Russian Handpainted & Lacquered Wood Pin...$33.00
Vintage Russian Handpainted & Lacquered Wood Pin. Gorgeous! The detail is awesome as are the choice of colors that the artist used. The green on her dress and the reds have an iridescent appearance, i.e. metallic. The pin measures 1-3/8" x 1-1/2". Excellent condition. It is signed on the front with initials in Russian.
PU739 Price: $33.00

PU738 Vintage Russian Wood Lacquer Pin...$12.00
Vintage Russian Wood Lacquer Pin. This does not appear to be handpainted like many I've seen, but I could be mistaken. It's a picture of a princess? or someone royal. Beautiful detail to the pic. Transferred and lacquered? I'm not sure. Very good condition. Measures 2-1/4" x 1-1/2" in an oval shape.
PU738 Price: $12.00

PS413 Russian Handpainted Pin...$28.00
Russian handpainted floral pin. This is not signed, however it has the numbers 692 painted in gold on the front. I've no idea what the back is made of - best guess black painted pewter and I believe there is a top layer of lacquered wood with the handpainted floral design. There is a symbol on the back and I don't know what it is or means. Very pretty piece but I don't know much about it.
PU413 Price: $28.00

PS375 Handpainted MOP Scenery Pin from Russia...$55.00
Russian MOP Scenery Pin. This lacquer brooch is hand painted in oils on mother of pearl by a talented Russian artist from the village of Fedoskino. It's framed in a German silver filigree. It measures 1-1/8" x 1-1/8". Signed by the Artist.
PS899 SOLD accepts Credit Cards!

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