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PU765 Three Waist Set Lingerie Pins Amethyst Glass & Paste ORIGINAL Box... $46.00
Victorian Early 1900's Three Waist Set Lingerie Pins in original box. Two are smaller, the larger one is in the front of the box. Prong set amethyst glass stones in the center with clear paste stones surrounding each. They are about 1-1/2" long. The smaller pins show darkened prongs and one pin has two not as sparkling paste stones (the one in the back). Not marked. Not tested. Leather push button box. Good condition.
Item Added  6/30/13PU765 Price: $46.00

PU752 Victorian Rolled Gold Double Half Moon Pin...$24.00
Victorian Late 1800's Rolled Gold Double Half Moon Pin. Hard to describe! Two different textures on each half moon and they cross over one another. Tube C Clasp. Measures 1-5/8" x 1". Very good to excellent condition.
PU752 Price: $24.00

PU736 Two Victorian Brilliant Stone Pins...$28.00 for both  PU736 Two Victorian Brilliant Stone Pins...$28.00 for both
Two Victorian Brilliant Stone Pins. One is a small bar pin with 4 three leaf clovers; brilliant stones are prong set. the setting is goldwash over brass and measures 1" x 1/4". C clasp. Excellent condition and more beautiful than the pic. The oval pin once had silverwash over the brass but it is long gone. The round brilliants are prong set and the pin measures 1" x 3/4". The stone settings are riveted. There is a tiny floral design in between each stone. Very good condition.

Pu714 1840s Victorian Hollowware Paste Brooch...$204
1840's Victorian Hollowware Paste Brooch. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry with 5 faceted bezel set paste stones set into a hollowware setting. The pin arm extends 1/4" beyond the edge of the pin. The pin measures 1-1/2" x 1". Excellent condition. Tube hinge - c clasp.
PU714 Price: $204.00

PU691 Victorian Grape Leaf Pin...$16.00
Victorian Grape Leaf Pin. This is an old piece but shows it's age with the grapes. They were faux pearls but have no coating now and one or two tiny ones are missing. The rest of the pin is in fine condition. The pin measures 1-1/2" x 1" and has a c clasp. Still a cool little pin from the late 1800's.
PU691 Price: $16.00

PU690 Victorian Goldstone Rolled Gold Pin c1875 to 1885...$16.00
Victorian Goldstone Rolled Gold Pin. c 1875-1885. This is shaped like a horn but it is missing the very thin tip at the end. If you look inside the end you can see that the goldstone is broken off, therefore there once was a goldtone TIP. You do not see the damage when wearing it. I didn't notice this until I took the pics of it. Old C Clasp. measures 1-7/8 x 3/8". Very good condition and is still worthy of appreciation.
PU690 Price: $16.00

PU674 Victorian Brass Painted Lace Collar Pin...$10.00
Victorian Brass Painted Lace Pin. This is an open worked small brass lace pin with green and pink painted highlights. c clasp. Measures 7/8" in diameter. Very good condition.
PU674 Price: $10.00

PU671 Victorian Peacock Eye Love Knot Pin...$24.00
Victorian Peacock Eye Love Knot Pin. Beautiful color to the Peacock Eye however, there is a crack that shows in the enlargement. Measures 3/4" in diameter. Condition would be excellent if not for the crack. C Clasp.
PU671 Price: $24.00

PU649 1880-1910 Gold over Brass pin with pronged Red Stone...$28.00
1880-1910 Gold over Brass pin with pronged Red Stone. A twisted design with a center rolled gold flower in the center with a red stone. On the end of the twisted loop is an engraved tear shaped piece attached. Measures 1-1/2" x 7/8". Very good condition. C Clasp.
PU649 Price: $28.00

PS702 Art Nouveau Sterling & Rose Gold Leaves Circle Pin...$33.00
Art Nouveau Sterling Circle Pin with applied Rose Gold Leaves. This piece was sold to me as Art Nouveau 1890s Sterling. However, the original clasp has been replaced with a safety catch. The repair is very obvious - there are solder marks around the findings. It is signed with a Crown and the Initial W and the word sterling. I looked through all my stuff and can't find who this designer is. The pin is beautiful... the rose gold leaves are incredibly detailed and very well executed. The piece measures 1-1/8" in diameter. Very good condition. c1890 - 1905.
PS702 Price: $33.00

PU623 Victorian c1895 Onyx Crape Finished Bar Pin...$64.00
Victorian c1895 Onyx Crape Finished Bar Pin. Beautifully carved. Five pieces attached to the bar. C Clasp. 2-1/8" x 1/2". Excellent condition.
PU623 Price: $64.00

PU624 Victorian Reverse Carved Woman and Flute Pin...$42.00
Victorian Brass Glass Reverse Carved Woman Playing The Flute Pin. The background is hard to describe... sort of like a foil? but with touches of blue in it. The woman is all in white... like a raised cameo only it is under the glass. The setting is brass with prongs to hold the beveled glass in place. Measures about 1" in diameter. Very good condition. Slight scratches to the glass but you can't see them unless you use a loupe. C clasp.
PU624 Price: $42.00

PU597 Victorian c 1889 Crepe Onyx Brooch...$73.00
Victorian c1889 Crape Onyx Brooch. This is a lovely piece of mourning jewelry. The setting is rolled gold . The stones are crape onyx and have a texture to them. The clasp is like a wide c-clasp.The pin measures 2-1/2" x 1.2". Two diamond shape crape onyx on each end and three round crape onyx in the center of these. Only flaw is a slight bend in the pin arm otherwise excellent condition.
PU597 Price: $73.00

PU595 Art Nouveau Small Brass Woman With Flowing Hair & Brilliant Pin...$33.00
Art Nouveau Small Brass Woman With Flowing Hair & Brilliant Pin. This is so sweet... in great condition for it's age. She has flowing hair and is holding a flower that hold the brilliant. Looks like a different clasp was soldered on the back, I'm not sure. She measures 3/4" high x 1/2" wide.
PU595 Price: $33.00

PU585 C 1890 Rolled Gold & Engraved Silver Brooch Pin....$52.00
c1890 Rolled Gold & Engraved Silver Brooch Pin. The workmanship on this piece is impeccable but over the 114 years one piece has broken off. I couldn't tell until I scanned can see the small gap in between the oval shapes in the picture. This brooch has a center circle with 5 gold (brass?) squares soldered to beads which connect to each of 5 silver engraved pieces. A band surrounds the inner circle and has 3 oval pieces in between each engraved silver piece. Measures 1-1/4" in diameter. The back of the piece is goldwashed. There is a loop which connects to a chain and a stick pin - which is a 'safety chain'. This stickpin has a rolled gold bead and it is twisted (indicating it's older) on the bottom of the stickpin. Other than the missing oval, this piece is in excellent condition. The engraving on the silver pieces is very detailed.
PU585 Price: $52.00

PU556 Victorian Glass Cab Pin...$24.00
Victorian Glass Cab Pin that is dated on the back. This measures 1/2 " x 7/8". Brass setting. Signed on the back: PAT.04 RE.08 DORAN, PROV. Which is most likely Doran & Riley, Providence RI. The date patent was applied for was 1904 and re-applied 1908. The stone has a tiny chip (almost undetectable) at one end. I didn't notice it until I used a loupe. Beautiful condition to the setting... and sweet Victorian Pin.
PU556 Price: $24.00

PU516 1890-1910 Porcelain Brooch With Half Pearls...$52.00
1890-1910 Porcelain Brooch With Half Pearls. I believe the setting is a heavy brass and it's nicely detailed. On the top and botton is a half pearl set in a toothed bezel. The porcelain cab has some spots wear the paint is missing as seen in the closeup which is 300% enlarged. The flaws don't show to the extent of the closeup. This pin is attached to a heavy metal frame and is suitable for hanging. The brooch itself has a c clasp. It measures 2-1/16" long x 1-5/8" wide. This item was purchased this way; brooch attached to brown velvet within the frame. The frame itself measures 5" (with loop at top) x 4-1/4" wide. Very good condition (flaws have been noted). I didn't attempt to remove the brooch from the frame. Looks like it has been there a long time since the wear on the velvet shows where the brooch has sat. A nice collectible!
PU516 Price: $52.00

PU501 Victorian Love Knot Pin c 1890's...$28.00
Victorian Love Knot Pin c 1890's. The pin was sold to me as a moonstone, however I'm doubtful. I believe it's a pearl that lost it's nacre. The design on this pin is likened to a diamond cut. C Clasp. Measures about 1" in diameter. Very good to excellent condition. Low carat gold.
PU501 Price: $24.00

PU441 Victorian Citrine Colored Stone Pin...$24.00
Victorian Citrine Colored Stone Pin. This is a small pin measuring about 7/8" across x 1/2" high. There is a faceted Citrine colored stone in the center of a braided brass setting. I don't know if the stone is real so I'm referring to it as glass. C clasp. Excellent condition. The stone is prong set..
PU441 Price: $24.00

PS415 Sterling Art Nouveau Gibson Girl Pin...$37.00
This Art Nouveau Gibson Girl pin is 1" high x 3/4" wide. It is in excellent condition. There are no dings. It is marked 'sterling top'. This is not a reproduction. It's so finely detailed! I believe she is hollow. Her hair is pulled back with draping ringletts around her neckline. Excellent condition.
PS415 Price: $42.00

PU377 Nouveau Enameled Four Leaf Clover...$16.00
Art Nouveau coloring to this Four Leaf Clover pin. I purchased this and didn't even notice the loss of enamel; I thought it was another color! However, as you can see in the picture, this has one leaf of missing enamel. The colors on this pin are soft yellow, pink and green. C clasp. Center stone is a tiny, pronged brilliant. Measures 1". Sold as is - price reflects; despite flaws it's still worthy of appreciation.
PU377 Price: $7.00

PS359 9ct Victorian Seed Pearl and Aquamarine Pin...$73.00
Victorian 9ct gold pin with clover motif with three tiny seed pearls and one bezel set aquamarine stone. Beautiful pin...European origin. Measures 1-3/4" x 1/3" at widest point. More beautiful than the scan depicts.
PS359 Price: $64.00

PU336 Edwardian Enameled Bird Pin...$64.00
Edwardian Guilocche Enamel bird on a branch set on copper with a white metal back pin. The edging around the piece has an intricate design. It measures about 1-1/2 x 1-1/8 inch. The colors of the bird and the very tiny ''bubble'' dots, shaped like little flowers, in the white enamel background are simply beautiful! The Pin is in very good condition. There is no damage to the enamel which is very extraordinary when one considers the age of this brooch! It appears as if the pin back had been resoldered on. The brooch is a great example of great enamel work from the Edwardian Period. The picture doesn't show off the gorgeous enamel work.
PU336 Price: $64.00

PU320 HP Victorian POPPY Pin...$46.00
c1880-1910 Victorian hand painted Brooch features a lovely POPPY floral design. The condition is VERY GOOD. Their is NO damage to the porcelain painting or the setting. I believe the setting is brass. It is prong set and the clasp is a typical period C clasp. The pin is not signed as to the artist. Sometimes the porcelain bears the artists name on the back. I did not check to see if it is signed on the back. Could use a slight cleaning... I leave all pieces as I find them.
[Poppy in picture appears more red than in reality. It's more a soft Orange color]
PU320 Price: $46.00

PU303 Intaglio Charm dangling from a Chatelaine Pin...$52.00
Victorian...late 1800's Chatelaine pin with attached (sunken cameo) Onyx intaglio charm. Rolled gold setting for the charm. The Chalelaine pin is 14kt gold filled and sometime in the past has been married to this charm. The pin itself measures 1-1/2" x 1/2" and the charm 1" in diameter. I'm not sure but the charm has an attached piece that doesn't look original to it. Possibly an early repair. Neverthless, lovely item in excellent condition. C clasp.
See the back of the pin.
PU303 Price: $52.00

PU306 c1892 Horse motif pin with enameled flower...$46.00
c 1892 Gold Front Victorian Horseshoe pin with enameled flower in the center of the horseshoe with a center handset brilliant. Measures 2" across. The bar is a 'stirrup' design and is in silver wash over brass. Very Good Condition. C Clasp.Hint: Take a small piece of tissue and place it behind your material. Run the shank through the tissue and material. This will hold your pin flat.
PU306 Price: $46.00

PU313 Early 1900's Floral Intaglio Pin with Seed Pearls...$46.00
Early 1900's Sterling Brooch with a crystal cabochon with a molded and painted intaglio of white and yellow flowers and green leaves. The notif is backed by a mother-of-pearl plate and set into a sterling openworked setting. One seed pearl adorns each side of the intaglio. C Clasp. Marked Sterling "x 3/4". Excellent condition.
PS313 Price: $46.00

PU278 Late 1800's Amber Bug Pin...$64.00
Late 1800's Amber Bug pin on a goldwashed branch. The body and head are faceted amber...the rest of the body is a goldwashed with a base of an unknown metal. C Clasp. Excellent condition measuring 1" x 1-1/4" wide. Rare and fun find!
See the back of the pin.
PU278 Price: $64.00

PU272 Victorian Goldstone Pin...$24.00
Victorian Goldstone Pin... c 1880 - 1890 small round circle of goldstone enclosed in a rosy colored gold plating. This is 1/4" thick and there is a hole that goes straight through from one side to the other and is not detectable when worn (this was a slide and was attached to a watch chain at one time). It has a C clasp and is in very good condition. You can see this one in the book: 2nd Edition P. 86 of Antique Jewelry with prices by Doris Snell. Her book price in 1997 was $65.00! Here's a view of the BACK. "in diameter...
PU272 Price: $28.00

PU269 Ruby & Seed Pearl Victorian Pin...$
Victorian pin set with a ruby colored stones (don't know if it is real) and one seed pearl set on each side. This pin has had it's clasp replaced with a safety catch. It's in excellent condition and measures 1-1/2" x 3/4". Please take a look at the BACK of the pin as it has a hollow back. This has not been tested, I do not know what the gold content is.
PU269 Price: $42.00

PS301 Hallmarked Gold Top Pin...$37.00
Early Victorian Pin marked on the back GOLD TOP and hallmarked with a big P and a small "v: (inside the P) and a "t" under the "v". . Researched but can't find any info on the maker. Pin measures about 1" in diameter and is in mint condition. C clasp.
PS301 Price: $24.00

PU258 HP Porcelain Victorian Floral Pin...$46.00
Hand Painted Porcelain Victorian Pin with Brass back. Early 1900's. Appears to be in good condition especially for age. Exceptionally dainty brush strokes make up this gorgeous floral painting. Approx. 1" x 1.5". Nice piece.
PU258 Price: $46.00

PU226 Victorian Onyx Dangle Mourning Brooch...$55.00
c 1861 - 1895 Victorian mourning pin with dangling Black Onyx with a Crape finish. This dangle is backed by a rose gold. The pin itself is hollow and is dented on the back front it's years of wear. Click here to VIEW the BACK. Pin stem is original to the pin. Measures 1-3/4" x 1-1/2". C Clasp. Good condition.
PU226 Price: $46.00

PU216 Victorian Pyrite & Goldstone Pin...$52.00
1880-1890 Brooch, gold over brass mounting, European Pyrite & Goldstone pin. The latch is European and a small piece of it is missing, however it will still hold to a piece of clothing & could readily be fixed by a jeweler if you prefer. These are two domes of pyrite and set into each dome is a flat round piece of goldstone. Other than the latch this is in excellent condition...with most of the goldwash intact. Measures 1-1/2" x 3/4".
PU216 Price: $52.00

PU165 Sterling 1890 Victorian Bar pin...$65.00
c1890 Victorian Bar Pin with beaded ribbon motif. Marked on the back, STERLING TOP. Measures slightly under 2" across x 1/4" high. Excellent condition. Here's a SIDE VIEW.
PU165 Price: $46.00

PS223 Engraved Bar pin V.B.K. $28.00
Victorian Bar pin engraved with the letters on the front plate V.B.K. This pin is marked with G.L.P. which is the hallmark for George L. Paine & Company, North Attleboro, MA. beginning in 1909 and last known in business in 1922. Their products were sold gold, 10k gold front and gold filled jewelry. This pin has not been tested so I can't state what the gold content is. Measures 1-1/4" across x 1/4" high. Excellent condition. C Clasp.
PS223 Price: $28.00

PU133 c1900 Brass Crystal Pin...$27.00
c. 1900 gold wash over brass pin with eleven paste stones. Excellent condition. C clasp.
PU133 Price: $28.00

PU112 Victorian Brass Pin with Glass & RS...$21.00
This is a pretty little pin, however most of the original silverwash has long vanished. Traces still remain which only adds a bit of sparkle at this point, to this pin. Small pin, only measuring 1" in diameter...and each handset rhinestone still sparkles. In the center is some sort of glass cabochon, might even have a foil backing, but I'm not sure. I've not seen one like this before. Brass based...C Clasp. You can see the rivets on the back where the rhinestone setting was attached. Very nice little pin from the Victorian era. OH, and the picture just doesn't catch the piece in it's true beauty. I apologize for that!
PU112 Price: $20.00

PU043 Tiny Gold Washed Lady Pin...$20.00
This is a sweet litte gold washed pin measuring only 3/4" in diameter. There is the face of a lady looking sideways in the center of a crest shape. C clasp. Excellent Condition.
PU043 Price: $16.00

PS037 Dried Flower  Victorian Pin...$58.00
Measures 1-1/8" wide x 1" high. This is an old victorian pin that at one time had hair in it. The original owner had sold it and the new owner had an artist (supposedly signed on the backside of the inlaid flowers) replace the hair with flowers. I believe this pin can be taken apart again...and the flowers replaced with whatever your heart desires. (I personally won't mess with it!) C clasp...believe it to be silver, though not marked and looks to be hand wrought. To see the back of here! This is a TUBE HINGE and is the earliest type of hinge. This pin is an ANTIQUE and before the 1890's.
PS037 Price: $52.00 accepts Credit Cards!

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