The marking, "Germany" indicates the piece was made before World War II because afterward, it would have been marked, first "western Zone Germany, American Zone Germany, etc., and after that, "Western Germany, West Germany, etc. If it's marked "Germany" is pre-World War II. In 1946 or '47, when Germany was split, items made in either West or East Germany were marked "West Germany" or "German Democratic Republic" (that was East Germany, which was neither democratic nor a republic). Items simply marked "Germany" I would say are almost certain to be pre-WWII (unless they are new, of course, after the reunification).

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M432 Sewing kit made in  Germany
Sewing kit made in Germany. Pill shaped and made of some sort of marbled plastic material over brass. There is a thimble, thread, and a safety pin enclosed. This might have had a way of connecting to something else since there is a hole in the top. Measures 2" long x 3/4" wide. Very good condition..

M310 Mother of Pearl Silvertone Adj Ring...19.00
W German Mother of Pearl adjustable silvertone ring. Mother of Pearl center, bezel set, with a twisted rope frame. The ring is adjustable and can fit most sizes. The MOP top measures 7/8" x 3/4". Excellent condition.

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PS931 Western Germany 1950's Transferware rose Pin set in Brass...$19.00
Western Germany 1950's Transferware rose Pin set in Brass. Measures 1-5/8" in diameter. The porcelain cab with the rose is prong set in brass. Good condition; flea bite near one of the prongs.
PS931 Price: $19.00

PS927 West Germany c 1950s Multi-Colored Rhinestone Pin...$46.00
West Germany c 1950s Multi-Colored Rhinestone Pin. This lovely pin has a variety of colored stones; purples, blues, fuchsia and lavender. There are brass leaf like pieces on top. The stones are prong set and the pin measures 2" in diameter. Very good condition. The scan does not show the brilliant colors...the scan is drab compared to seeing this in person.
PS927 Price: $46.00

PS892 1950's Western Germany Portrait Pin...$33.00
Vintage 1950s Western Germany Brass Portrait Pin. The transferware Portrait is of a woman - not sure what time period. Victorian? Georgian? Blue outfit with a hat adorned with a feather. The setting is openworked brass. Marked on the back Western Germany. Measures 1-1/2" in diameter. Excellent condition.
PS892 Price: $33.00

PS685 W Germany Prong Set Amber Glass Pin...$28.00
W Germany Prong Set Amber Glass Pin. This is late 1940's early 1950's. Marked W Germany on the back. This multi-faceted stone is most likely glass and amber in color. Set open backed. There is a twisted rope designed setting which I believe to be brass. C Clasp. Measures 1" in diameter. Excellent condition.
PS685 Price: $28.00

PS659 Art Deco Sterling Marcasite and Emerald Brooch...$82.00
Art Deco Sterling Marcasite and Emerald Brooch. I do not know if these are real Emerald's, I'm not a gemologist. The setting is marked Sterling Germany on the back. When you wear this pin, it appears perfect, but upon close up inspection you'll find there are three tiny emerald stones missing. There also seems to be something missing from just above the triangle dangle on either side of the piece. Maybe a loop was there with some other dangles I do not know. I just noticed it seems something was cut off from both sides. No this pin is not perfect, but it's German in origin, prior to the wall going up that divided Germany - East from West. This piece is spectacular in appearance. There are emerald cut and color channel set stones and 6 black stones as well. Various shaped Marcasites are set in through this adding the sparkle to the piece. This measures 2" x 1". This piece is worth putting money into so as to have those few stones replaced. The picture does not do this piece justice and I do believe you will really treasure and enjoy this period brooch!
PS659 $82.00

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S056 Sterling, Marcasites and Ivory...$155.00
This is a wonderful set... the Earrings are American - Not German as the Necklace and Pin are. Seems to be a matched set...but don't worry...it matches near perfect! This set was my grandmother's and I know this was brought back from Germany in the late 1930's by my uncle Jack, who was a NY jeweler. The pin is incredibly made...and the Ivory Rose is screwed into the pin setting as is the necklace Ivory piece. Both pieces are marked Germany and Sterling. The pin measures 1-1/2" in diameter. The necklace is a choker length chain...of 17"...and the rose measures 1". Now, for the PIERCED earrings...these are set in GOLD (you don't see that part...it's to the ear. They are marked FB DBP AD on the earring back. These measure about the same size a the pendant. Click here to see another CLOSEUP of the pin and earrings. Also, here's the BACK of the set...so you can see how it's screwed together.

S142 Yellow and Faux Bone Neck&Earrings...$19.00
Western Germany Double Strand of various plastic yellow and faux carved ivory/bone beads with spacers of brass, rhondelles and seed beads. Brass findings, graduated length measuring about 25". Push in beaded clasp with matching earrings. Clip backs measuring 1". Excellent condition. Unique beads of clear berries with yellow inside of them. The ivory colored beads give the appearance of having been carved or possibly like stone. Beautiful set and lightweight.
S142 Price: $19.00

S143 Lime Green and Faux Diamond Cut  Neck/Ears...$16.00
Western Germany double strand of spring green clear faceted plastic beads, seed beads and gold painted opaque green beads, in graduated lengths. Measures about 25" with push in beaded clasp. Matching Clip back earrings measuring 1" in diameter. Excellent condition. Brass findings.
S143 Price: $16.00

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EU363 W Germany 1950s Button Clip Back Earrings...$16.00
W Germany 1950's Button Clip Back Earrings. Butterscotch in color. I do not believe these are bakelite not sure what type of plastic. The clip back is brass. Excellent condition.
EU363 Price: $16.00

ES343 Vintage West Germany Faux Marcasite Clip Back Earrings...$16.00
Vintage West Germany Faux Marcasite Clip Back Earrings. These are the lightest earrings ever! AND GORGEOUS TOO! (The picture couldn't capture the sparkle of these). I have no idea what they are made of... Silver in color. The stamped metal gives the appearance of Marcasites. Beautiful! The earrings measure 1" x 5/8". Made Marked in West Germany. Like new condition.
ES343 Price: $16.00

ES331 West German Cobalt Blue & Aventurine Art Glass Earrings...$34
West German 1950's Cobalt Blue Art Glass Aventurine Earrings. These are awesome! Dark Blue with specs of gold in the glass domed cabs. Set into a brass setting with a rope design and filigree bottom. Clip Backs. Excellent condition. Measure 7/8" in diameter.

ES304 Vintage 1960s West Germany Yellow Faceted Plastic Clip Back Earrings...$16.00
Vintage 1960s West Germany Yellow Faceted Plastic Clip Back Earrings. These look like yellow AB Crystals! Rivoli shaped AB yellow beads around the bottom, then a row of small AB yellow beads in a circle with a larger bead in the middle. These are a nice light and comfortable wear. Brass setting. Measure 1" in diameter. Excellent condition.
ES304 Price: $16.00

ES284 1940s Lightweight Silver and Black metal earrings...$10.00
1940s Lightweight Silver and Black metal earrings. The weight of aluminum. Brass clip back. Marked Germany. Measure 3/4" in diameter. Excellent condition.
ES284 Price: $10.00

ES151 W. Germany Green Plastic Bead CB Earrings $15.00
West Germany late 40's early 1950's clip back earrings with a center pronged green faceted rhinestone. The beads are green transparent plastic with opaque darker green plastic petals on in inner layer surrounding the rhinestone. Seed beads in between the beads. Measures 1-1/8" in diameter and have a goldtone over brass setting. These are in good condition.
ES151 Price: $15.00

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NS291 West German Deco Faceted Glass and Plastic Necklace...$28.00
West German Deco Faceted Glass and Plastic Necklace. This looks like crystals and glass, but that would make this double stranded beauty a heavy piece to wear. Ingenuity... faceted plastic to look like crystals, each with a black seed bead in between the real faceted glass deco beads. The glass beads have lines of black glass on each the facets. the clasp is a large faceted plastic cab prong set in a light weight silvertone metal - push in clasp. The strands are graduated and measures approx. 22-1/2" long. Excellent condition. This fooled me - I thought it was ALL glass and crystals!
NS291 Price: $28.00

NS268 W. Germany Triple Strand Glass Bead Choker...$33.00
Vintage W. Germany Triple Strand Glass Bead Choker. Black bicone shaped faceted glass beads about 6mm in size (1/4"). The strand measures to about 15-1/2". Finding are brass based and I believe they had a goldwash finish which is mostly worn. Excellent condition to the strand. Hook clasp marked M. West Germany.
NS268 Price: $33.00

NU206 W German Milk & Colored Glass Deco Choker...$34
West German Art Deco design Milk Glass Choker with red, green, glue and yellow clear glass disks that have white milk glass spacers strung sideways in between each two color disks. This is an unusual choker measuring 15". Very good condition.
Click here for CLOSE-UP
NU206 Price: $34.00

NS034 Faceted Milk Glass 50's Choker....$24.00
This is a double strand of faceted milk glass beads...hand knotted in between each bead! This choker measures to 17" and the clasp says Made In Western Germany. The earrings match but aren't German....I'm throwing them in because they look nice with the choker, though they are pierced.
NS034 Price: $24.00

Chain of light metal W. Germany
This is a very light metal with a brushed gold chain link and a solid color gold link twist to make this an attractive piece. 12" long. Marked: Western Germany.

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BS216 1960s Germany Purple and White Faceted Lucite Bracelet...$16.00
1960s Germany Purple and White Faceted Lucite Bead Bracelet. Could be late 50s - the goldtone tube spacers were popular then. Measures 8" long. The faceted white beads measure 3/8" in diameter. Very good condition. Spring catch clasp.
SEE Close-Up
BS216 Price: $16.00

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